Highlights from The Seville Suite

Highlights from The Seville Suite


      列:Concert Band 室內管樂團

      曲:Bill Whelan

      曲:Johan de Meij






Irish composer and producer Bill Whelan gained worldwide acclaim for Riverdance. The success of Riverdance evolved from a concept of music and dance he established earlier with The Seville Suite, his first major orchestral composition. The Seville Suite was commissioned for Ireland's National Day at the World Expo 1992 in Seville, Spain. Through the score, Whelan tells the story of legendary Irish war hero Red Hugh O'Donnell. At a mere 21 years of age, O'Donnell successfully led a rebellion against the English government in 1593. Although he subsequently joined forces with Spain, he famously suffered defeat in the disastrous battle of Kinsale. The music follows his journey from that infamous battle to his reception with great honors by the Spanish Earl of Caraçena. The Seville Suitereceived its World Première at the Maestranza Concert Hall in Seville on October 4, 1992. The wind orchestra version, arranged by Johan de Meij, is a 13-minute adaption with highlights from the original suite.

Highlights from The Seville Suite

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