【Alto Sax獨奏】嫁給我吧  MARRY YOU [鋼琴伴奏・附演奏 CD]



嫁給我吧  MARRY YOU  [鋼琴伴奏・附演奏 CD]


系列/series: 中音薩克斯風獨奏
作曲/composer: Philip Lawrence、Bruno Mars and Ari Levine
編曲/arranger: 萩原 隆、田中和音


出版公司/publisher: Winds score


樂曲解說/program note:

火星人布魯諾(Bruno Mars)最初來自夏威夷,從當地一所高中畢業後搬到了洛杉磯,獲得了音樂製作人的職業生涯,並於2010年作為歌手首次亮相。 出道後,他立即成為熱門歌曲排行榜的冠軍,並在2011年第53屆格萊美獎中獲得了6個類別的提名,並獲得了“最受歡迎男性流行聲樂獎”。 現在,他是美國領先的歌手和詞曲作者。 MARRY YOU》是2011年發行的流行愛情歌曲。 使用這首歌提出建議的普通人的視頻已經成為全世界的熱門話題,甚至出現了“歷史上最好的建議”引起強烈反響的現象。 在日本,它現在已成為標準


Originally from Hawaii, Bruno Mars moved to L.A. after graduating from a local high school, earning his career as a music producer and making his debut as a singer in 2010. Immediately after debut, he dominated the top of the hit chart, was nominated in 6 categories at the 53rd Grammy Awards in 2011, and received the "Most Popular Male Pop Vocal Award". Now he is a leading singer-songwriter in America. "MARRY YOU" is a pop love song released in 2011. The video of a general man making a proposal using this song has become a hot topic all over the world, and even the phenomenon that has called a great response as "the best proposal in history" has occurred. In Japan, it is now a standard wedding song.



Alto Saxophone / Piano



【Alto Sax獨奏】嫁給我吧  MARRY YOU [鋼琴伴奏・附演奏 CD]

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