賽德克巴萊/Highlights From Seediq Bale
系列/series:室內管樂流行金曲套譜/Concert Band POP Series
作曲/composer:何國杰/Ricky Ho、拉卡‧巫茂/阿飛
編曲/arranger: 波田野直彥/Hiko Hatano
出版公司/publisher:卡穠事業/Canon Art

樂曲解說/program note:



電影中的片尾主題曲《賽德克.巴萊 之 看見彩虹》,是賽德克族原住民歌手,亦是片中演員拉卡.巫茂(阿飛)負責詞曲創作並擔任配唱製作人,由數十位主要演員擔任歌手,通力合唱完成。在悲壯淒美的歌聲中,歌詠著不朽的英雄情懷,並跟隨祖靈的精神,讓生命生生不息。

原電影原聲帶配樂是由新加坡籍資深作曲家Ricky Ho(何國杰)擔綱譜曲製作,將西方管弦樂器與原住民音樂中的口簧琴、打擊樂等元素的完美結合。而此管樂組曲改編版本,則特別邀請日本作曲家Hiko Hatano(波田野直彥)於同年年底所改編,編曲手法新穎,適用於管樂團音樂會演出,效果尤佳。同時,波田野直彥老師也希望藉此編曲,緬懷歷史事件中不幸殉難的人們,並且加深台灣與日本之間的友誼。



“Seediq Bale,” the language of Seediq—Taiwan aboriginal, means “A Real Man,” and is also a Taiwanese epic movie based on historical evidence and neutral viewpoints. It brings people back to the 1930s, during the Japanese rule of Taiwan, when the authority may have the position to civilize and oppress the aboriginal people; while to Seediq people, the civilization and value came with the heathens vanished the traditional culture and dignity of their tribe. Such conflict results in Mona Rudo, the chieftain of the Mehebu tribe, leading people to rebel against Japanese polices and triggers off “Wushe Incident.” However, it is not the rebellion point of view but the cultural conflict between two nations that the main idea the movie tries to present.

The movie presents in 2011, the second drama that the Taiwanese director—Mr. Wei Te-Sheng, directs after “Cape No. 7” in 2008. The movie “Seediq Bale” runs up to four and a half hours. The film is divided into two parts: “The Flag of Sun” and “The Bridge of Rainbow.” It takes over 12 years and costs about 700 million NT dollars from idea planning, historical data searching, scriptwriting, to post-production. Before the movie is presented in Taiwan, it is nominated as Competition Film and has its world premiere at the 68th Venice International Film Festival. Meanwhile. It also won Best Picture, Original Score, Sound Effects, and many other awards in the 48th Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival.

“The Rainbow Promise” is the ending song of the movie, composed and produced by Laka Umaw, an aboriginal Seediq singer also playing a role in the film. It is sung by dozens of main actors/actresses who praise the immortal heroism through their touching voices, trying to follow the spirits of ancestors and make life lives on.

The Original Soundtrack is composed by Ricky Ho, senior Singaporean composer, who perfectly combines the western orchestral music with aboriginal Jew’s harp and percussion. This melody is specially arranged at the end of the same year by Mr. Hiko Hatano, a Japanese composer. The arrangement is endowed with a novel idea that when it is performed in a wind band concert, it is amazing. In the meanwhile, through this composition, composer Hiko Hatano wished to recollect people who lost their lives in this historical event and deepen the friendship between Taiwan and Japan.

The soundtracks in the special melody include:
【Our Hunting Ground Promise】,【Without a Hunting Field】,【Nemesis of Old】,【The Rainbow Promise】


Full Score
Flute 1&2
Bb Clarinet 1
Bb Clarinet 2&3
Eb Alto Saxophone 1&2
Bb Tenor Saxophone
Eb Baritone Saxophone
Bb Trumpet 1
Bb Trumpet 2& 3
F Horn 1& 2
F Horn 3&4
Trombone 1&2
Bass Trombone
Percussion 1

Percussion 2

(Sus. Cym./ China Cym./ Finger Cym./ B.D./ Slap Stick/ Sleigh Bell/ Gong/ Maracas/ Whip)
Percussion 3

(Bongo or Djembe/ Conga/ Cabasa/ Wind Chime/ Jew’s Harp )
Percussion 4

(Tom-Toms/ Triangle) 

賽德克 巴萊 Highlight from Seediq Bale

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